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Sunday School

Infant thru Adult ~

Sunday School Classes
Nursery: infants – 2 year old, Room 7
Martha Roskelley and Tina Bell.
Preschool: ages 3-5, Room 6
Rosie Oppedal.
Elementary: Grades 1-3, Room 2
Teachers: Luanne Blankenship, Katie Langley, Joan Mylroie, Julia Osman.

OWL (Our Wholes Lives) Class: Grades 5-8, Room 5
Teachers: Alison Buehler, Kay Brocato, Brenda Kirkland, Lynn Peterson, Alex Stelioes-Wills.
Youth: 9th-12th and College, Room 103
Leaders: Joe Ray and Nancy Underwood

Seeker’s Class, Tom Ritter.
We Make the Road by Walking, Library, Julia Osman.
Conversations with the Pastor, Young Adults, Room 3, Buren Blankenship. Buren will meet with those interested for informal, porous discussions during Sunday School in room 3. The format will include different segments, such as worship bubbles (What bubbled up for you during worship and sermon?), faith questions, and challenge of the week (What’s going on for you?). Young Adults, Room 3, Buren.

Earlier Event: September 10
Later Event: September 10
Session Meeting